What the hell just happen? Nov 9th, 2016

I have been thinking for some time of retiring this website as it seems my writing interests have significantly branched into other areas that I believe are of equal importance like parenting, women’s right and the intersectionality of feminism, and prevalence of racism in America.  But it seems now that a blog with this title is appropriate even with my many sub-interests.  Perhaps it should be called Being a Humanist in a Christian America because we are certainly lacking humanism.

A Trump presidency wasn’t won on economic issues although I’m sure many who voted for him were thinking of their pocketbooks.  He won because of his racist platform.  Poor white racists love Trump, and came out in droves to vote for him.  Poor white racists also like to tout that they are Christians, and indeed, evangelicals love Trump and were happy to cast their vote for him.  Even though many can certainly argue that Trump and evangelicals have twisted the true message of Christianity, the truth of the matter is these people call themselves Christian and use the Bible to guide their thoughts and actions.  They use it to justify their racism.  This website now more than ever elaborates on what it’s like to live among this god-fueled hate.