Aurora and the Secret FriendAurora and the Secret Friend

Secular children’s fiction.  This is a story about a third grader named Aurora.  After Faith, Aurora’s best friend, learns that Aurora’s parents’ are atheist, Faith’s parents no longer want the two girls to play together.  Aurora and Faith struggle to maintain a secret friendship.  At the same time, Aurora is being bullied by another classmate, Jackie.  Aurora learns to deal with the rejection and make new friends.  Here is a sample chapter.

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Release date TBD: Henry Gets Picked Last

Children’s fiction.  Henry, Aurora’s brother, also must deal with the fall out and bullying that came when many of his classmates learning that his parents’ are Atheist.  For him, the bullying and rejection manifest on the soccer field where Alex insists that Henry should not play which results in Henry getting picked last to play on a team every time.  Henry’s instinct is to fight which he must learn to control as he learns to deal with the bullies while continuing to play a game he loves.