Please use the contact form if you are interested in asking me to come speak.

Upcoming Events:

  • I have no upcoming speaking engagements.

Past Events:

  • Speaking engagement for the Grand Rapids chapter of the National Organization for Women. Workshop title: How to fight sexism in everyday life.
  • Speaking engagement at CFI Michigan.  Presentation title: Hacking at the roots of sexism: Destroying sexism through day-to-day interactions.
  • Panel discussion on Prophetcast. Topic: Feminism.
  • Interview on Humanist Matters.  Watch via NewCovenantGroup’s Youtube channel.
  • Panel discussion with on Atheist Hangouts.  The topic: feminism, in particular men and feminism.  Watch by going to Dave’s Youtube channel.
  • Speaking engagement at the Mid Michigan Atheists and Humanists Dinner Meeting.  Presentation title: Salvation through atheism.
  • Interview with the Gamma Atheist on Atheist Hangouts.  The topic: Secular parenting.  Watch by going to Dave’s Youtube channel.
  • Guest on The Pink Atheist Podcast talking about my work with the SSA.  I’m about an hour in, after PZ Myers.
  • Secular Student Alliance Eastern Conference 2013: Best Practices and Structure for Running a Group.